20 Packages by jlord

  • balrog static site generator
  • cli-boilerplate add html boilerplate to you clipboard for pasting wins
  • data-plumber a nodeschool workshop for learning how to work with data
  • dirtydirty Open the dirty files in a branch in a text editor, carry on hackin.
  • dom-listener A listener for delegated DOM events.
  • gardening CLI module to check if you made a public contribution on GitHub today
  • git-it Terminal app for learning Git and GitHub
  • gs2geojson simple google spreadsheet to geoJSON converter
  • hasinternet checks for internet, works in browser and node
  • jsonfilter Streaming JSON filtering on the command line
  • mindgrapes mindgrapes ==========
  • odb Open the dirty files in a branch in a text editor, carry on hackin.
  • offline-issues Clone GitHub Issues locally for offline perusal
  • sheetdown Convert a Google Spreadsheet into a table in Markdown
  • sheetsee module for building out custom sheetsee.js instances
  • sheetsee-charts enables chart creation functionality with sheetsee.js
  • sheetsee-core enables data manipulation functionality with sheetsee.js
  • sheetsee-maps enables map creation functionality with sheetsee.js
  • sheetsee-tables enables table creating functionality with sheetsee.js
  • workshopper-jlord A terminal workshop runner framework

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