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Opening dirty files from a branch.


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odb I want to checkout the branch I'm working on then open all the files I've been working on, in that branch, in my text editor. I don't want to fuzzy find them or search through the tree for them or open them once and leave the window open until the PR is merged... No, no.

What ODB does

It runs git diff --name-only origin/master... the same as you could do on the command line. This gets a list of the files that include changes not on master. ODB then creates another command for opening the text editor with each of those files. It then runs that command.

How to Use

You'll need to have installed Node.js to run ODB and of course Git.


$ npm install -g odb


The default editor is Sublime. You can change it Atom:

$ od --editor atom

Do the same to set it back to Sublime, but type 'subl' (instead of the full name). I can't say how it will work with other editors...

To use, after you cd into the directory for the repo you're working on, run ODB:

$ cd <RepoDirectory>
$ od

The dirty files will open in your text editor :)

It uses the default branch to compare to as master. To change the branch:

$ od gh
# short for gh-pages
$ od <fullbranchname>
# for other branches