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Make geoJSON

More specifically, make geoJSON from a Google spreadsheet because you can view that in a beautiful Mapbox map on GitHub. YEAH!

This is a super simple node.js command line tool (NPM) that fetches your data from Google Spreadsheets and transforms it to geoJSON with the option to write it to a file. When you push the file to GitHub after running the script, you can view it in your repo as a lovely map!

Quick How

  1. npm install -g gs2geojson
  2. Have a Google Spreadsheet with lat, long columns and if you want, a hexcolor column. Publish spreadsheet, copy key.
  4. Use gogogeo YOURSPREADSHEETKEY --save to write it to a file to push to GitHub

See directly below if you want to know more about getting lat and long

Long How

Make a Spreadsheet


  1. Your spreadsheet should have a lat column and long column. You can do it manually or use this Mapbox Plugin or use a Geocoder.
  2. If you want to pick your own markers colors, and a column titled hexcolor with the hexcolor values you want. The default is blue.
  3. Click File > Publish to the Web > Start Publishing. Copy the key generated between the = and &:

get spreadsheet key

Node and NPM

  1. You'll need to have Node.js installed on your computer.
  2. In your computer's Terminal, type npm install -g gs2geojson to install it as a global module.
  3. To do a test, you can type npm test and it will run with a sample spreadsheet.

Add Your Key and Run

  1. In your Terminal type gogogeo YOURSPREADSHEETKEY
  • If you want to save the spreadsheet as a geojson file in the directory you're in type gogogeo YOURSPREADSHEETKEY --save
  • To pipe the data to you clipboard to paste somewhere else type gogogeo YOURSPREADSHEETKEY | pbcopy

Push to GitHub and View

  1. Include it in a repo and push it to GitHub!
  2. Go look at it on the internet!