12 Packages by fabdrol

  • aes-helper AES encryption & decryption drop-in helper
  • async-queue-helper Extremely simple wrapper for async's .series and .parallel, because I got annoyed having to write var queue = [] everywhere..
  • bumpv Simple command-line utility to bump the version of a package.json file (and add the appropiate git tag).
  • evented-forker Wrapper for child_process.fork and EventEmitter. Features automatic restarts of the child on exit, close, disconnect and error.
  • mobile-agent Easy mobile browser detection helper.
  • nmea-gps-logger Simple utility that writes NMEA (GPS) sentences to a file, which can then be played back later using a simulator utility.
  • nmea0183-signalk NMEA0183 to Signal K parser
  • signalk-merge Utility to merge two Signal K objects, resolving conflicts using the timestamp of child objects.
  • signalk-multiplexer A multiplexer for Signal K that merges any incoming Signal K (either full or delta) into an in-memory Signal K tree, tracks changes and emits events when appropiate. Optionally takes a settings object with vessel information and/or filters.
  • signalk-provider-vor... This provider takes the VOR2014/2015 JSON stream and transforms it into Signal K vessel information
  • simplemessenger Simple Messenger library, based on Redis Pub Sub
  • spcache Simple Cache library