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    Node.js module for retrieving data from the barometer brick for the UDOO Neo. Gets atmospheric pressure in pascals, temperature in kelvin and altitude in meters.

    A note on altitude: the value is derived from measured temperature, measured atmospheric pressure and a fixed atmospheric pressure at sea level (P0, 1013.25 hPa). P0 could be different at your location, so the calculed altitude might not be accurate.

    Important: this modules uses ES2015 (ES6) features, so use a modern version of node.js (v4.x, v5.x etc)


    // In a local project
    npm install --save neo-barometer
    // For global usage
    npm install -g neo-barometer

    Usage (cli)

    When installed globally, the module installs four cli tools in your PATH:

    • altitude: outputs altitude in meter to stdout
    • pressure [--unit hpa]: outputs pressure in pascal to stdout. Change unit with flag --unit [hpa|kpa|pa]
    • temperature [--unit celcius]: outputs temperature in Kelvin to stdout. Change unit with flag --unit [c|celcius|f|fahrenheit|K|Kelvin]
    • barometer: outputs all values in stringified JSON to stdout.

    Usage (module)

    The module exports four Readable Streams:

    • barometer.Temperature: a stream of temperature values in degrees celcius.
    • barometer.Pressure: a stream of atmospheric pressure values in pascals.
    • barometer.Altitude: a stream of altitude values in meters.
    • barometer.Compound: a stream of objects that contain all three values (temperature, pressure & altitude).
    let barometer = require('neo-barometer');
    // 1. Just temperature
    let temperature = new barometer.Temperature();
    temperature.on('data', console.log.bind(console));
    temperature.on('error', console.error.bind(console));
    // 2. Just pressure 
    let pressure = new barometer.Pressure();
    pressure.on('data', console.log.bind(console));
    pressure.on('error', console.error.bind(console));
    // 3. Just altitude
    let altitude = new barometer.Altitude();
    altitude.on('data', console.log.bind(console));
    altitude.on('error', console.error.bind(console));
    // 4. Compound (all values)
    let compound = new barometer.Compound();
    compound.on('data', console.log.bind(console));
    compound.on('error', console.error.bind(console));


    npm i neo-barometer

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