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A Node.js stream.Transform which converts NMEA 0183 sentences into Signal K sparse messages.

Supported Sentences

The following is the list of sentences the parser supports. Pull requests welcome!

Installation and Use

$ git clone
$ cd signalk-parser-nmea0183
$ npm install
$ echo '$IIDBT,035.53,f,010.83,M,005.85,F*23' | ./bin/nmea0183-signalk

Should return something like this:

  "self": "D344B1D0",
  "version": "1",
  "vessels": {
    "D344B1D0": {
      "uuid": "D344B1D0",
      "environment": {
        "depth": {
          "belowTransducer": {
            "value": 10.83,
            "source": {
              "type": "NMEA0183",
              "sentence": "DBT",
              "label": "signalk/signalk-parser-nmea0183",
              "talker": "II"
            "timestamp": "2016-04-15T17:56:52.000Z"

You can also pipe a file into the parser CLI:

$ cat some-nmea-file.log | ./bin/nmea0183-signalk

Use as a Node Module

See for an example in a Node application.