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  • automarked Use marked and heighlight to build the html file from markdown file and auto rebuild it when file changed
  • color-marked markdown parser with highlight and inline code style support, useful for writing email with markdown
  • component-ago chinese ago
  • component-checkout checkout or update a component from github for local install
  • component-compare compare two version of component
  • component-local local remote with download for component
  • component-publish publish your component to github
  • jsmerge merge flatten scripts into one file with CMD style
  • koa-liveload liveload middleware for koa
  • koa-one common koa middlewares with name alias
  • liveload A server which detect the file change and reload the resource at client side automatically
  • md-server A constant markdown file parsing, watching and reload server.
  • moment-ranger date range representing using moment
  • node_sendmail send email using vim and markdown syntax
  • node-parallel Parallel provide a simple way for management of parrallel async/sync call
  • node-serial A simple module for working with serial callbacks, works on node and browser
  • tiny-watch start tiny-lr server and watch file changes

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