markdown parser with highlight and inline code style support, useful for writing email with markdown


Markdown parser with code hightlight form highlight.js and optional inline color support. It could be useful when you want to colorful your code in your email.

I'm using css-parse to parse the style file and cheerio to add the inline style.


$ git clone
$ cd marked
$ npm install


$ cat gfm_code.text 
``` js
var a = 'hello';
console.log(a + ' world');
$ marked --gfm --color gfm_code.text 
<pre><code class="language-js"><span class="keyword" style="color:#333;font-weight:bold;">var</span> a = <span class="string" style="color:#d14;">'hello'</span>;
console.log(a + <span class="string" style="color:#d14;">' world'</span>);</code></pre></span></span></span></code></pre>

Get more information from marked

For vim users

For convert the file content of markdown into html and copy them to your system clipboard, you can make an alias in your vimrc file. For example, if you are using vim (like me) under terminal, you have to install a terminal tool xclip at first, in the debain system, you can do that like this:

    sudo apt-get install xclip

Then add the code below to your vim profile, you can find it at $HOME/.vimrc

nnoremap <leader>md :call Markdown()<CR>
function! Markdown()
   exe "!cat " . shellescape(expand('%:p'), 1) . " | marked --gfm --color | xclip"

Now, you can use command <leader>md to have the converted html contents directly copied into your system clipboard.


Copyright (c) 2011-2012, Christopher Jeffrey. (MIT License)

See LICENSE for more info.