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A server which detect the file change and reload the resource at client side automatically, could be also used as a connect middleware for file watching and livereload server with snippet contains script tag injected on the fly.

About the snippet of script tag


via npm:

$ npm install -g liveload

File change notification

Need to install some sofeware to support the notification, refer to

Use as static server

Goto the directory you want to serve, and type:

$ liveload

And enjoy live edit of css/js/html files.

Use as connect middleware

var connect = require('connect')
    , http = require('http')
    , liveload = require('liveload');
var app = connect();
var root = process.cwd();
app.use(liveload({root:root, files:/.(js|css|html)$/,excludes:/^node_modules$/}))


  • root root directory for watching files, could be array of directory path, this is required
  • files regexp for watching files eg: /\.(html|css|js)$/
  • exclude excludes regex used for exclude folders
  • inject boolean value indicate whether to inject the script element on the fly, default true
  • port port number for the livereload server, default 35927

Reset maxinum number for file watch

Nodejs would report an error if there's too many files for watching due to system limitation, on Linux you can change that by adding fs.inotify.max_user_watches = 524288 to the file etc/sysctl.conf and restart the process by command:

sudo sysctl -p