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liveload middleware for koa


A liveload middleware for koa.

This middleware will inject a script tag for tiny-lr communication into html response, and watch the resource files, when any resource file get changed the browser will be notified to reload, css file changes would not cause a page refresh.

note, this middleware is disabled on test nad production environment.

Added folder and file will be watched for changes automatically.

$ npm install koa-liveload
var koa = require('koa');
var liveload = require('koa-liveload');
var koa_static = require('koa-static');
var app = koa();
app.use(liveload(__dirname, {
  includes: ['jade'],
  excludes: ['components']
function liveload(directory, [options]);
  • port port for tiny-lr server [35927]
  • ignoreHidden ignore dot files [true]
  • includes include file extensions other than js, css, html
  • excludes exclude folder names other than node_modules