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    Apostrophe Google Spreadsheet

    Apostrophe Google Spreadsheet allows you to connect a spreadsheet in Google Drive with your MongoDB, convert/sync the data at your whim and query the collection later on.


    In your app js. Just initialize it in apostrophe-site as you would any other module

    modules: {
      'apostrophe-ui-2': {},
      'apostrophe-people': {},
      'apostrophe-groups': {},
      'apostrophe-editor-2': {},
      'apostrophe-redirects': {},
      'apostrophe-google-spreadsheet': {
        spreadsheetID: 'xxxxxxxxxxxxx',
        authEmail: 'xxxxxxxxxxxx',
        keyPath: __dirname + '/auth/spreadsheet.pem'
      'apostrophe-pie-charts': {}

    Required options

    You absolutely need to specify a spreadsheetID, authEmail and keyPath in order for this module to work. Not sure how to get those? This article is incredibly helpful:


    1. Use it as a command line task

    $ node app apostrophe:sync-google-spreadsheet

    2. Hit the /sync route with an ajax call or in browser


    By default, the data is stored in a mongo collection called "aposSheets". If you'd like this to be something different, just specify a collectionName in your options when initializing the module.

    Be aware that each time you run a sync, the collection is dropped and then populated by your new spreadsheet data. There is no updating. Only total destruction and then repopulation (for now).

    Accessing the data from other modules

    You can query your aposSheets collection in the same way you would with apostrophe-snippets based modules (events, maps, etc.).

    var sheet =['apostrophe-google-spreadsheet'];
'/sheet-json', function(req, res) {
      return sheet.get({}, {}, function(err, docs){
        // do something with your json or whatever!
        return res.send(docs);

    To - Do

    Create aposLocal "aposSpreadsheetsMenu" and necessary templates to include sync button the admin bar


    npm i apostrophe-google-spreadsheet

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