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    Utilities for automated functional testing in A-Frame scenes and components using motion-captured user input.

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    Install from npm into your package:

    npm install --save-dev aframe-machinima-testing

    There is a long list of peer dependencies including aframe-motion-capture-components and all the pieces for Karma-Mocha-Chai testing. The install command below will get you up to speed with compatible versions of each.

    npm install --save-dev  aframe-motion-capture-components@git+ chai@^4.1.2 karma@^1.7.1 karma-browserify@^5.1.1 karma-chrome-launcher@^2.2.0 karma-firefox-launcher@^1.0.1 karma-html2js-preprocessor@^1.1.0 karma-mocha@^1.3.0 karma-mocha-reporter@2.1.0 karma-sinon-chai@^1.3.2 mocha@^3.5.3 sinon@^2.1.0 sinon-chai@^2.13.0

    Note: temporarily linking to a fork of the motion capture components until a patch lands in the next release.

    Usage: Workflow

    Machinima tests can be run just like other automated tests. They will replay recorded user actions in an A-Frame scene and allow you to check assertions against the resulting scene state. Running machinima tests requires some package structure, Karma configuration, and specific calls in your Mocha tests.

    This package includes the machinima-bootstrap command line tool to setup the necessary package structure and karma.config.js and also exports helper functions to streamline the process of writing Mocha tests.

    Once setup, the workflow is:

    1. Add HTML A-Frame scenes to machinima_tests/scenes
    2. Use the npm run record:machinima command to load the scenes and record motion-captured user actions
    3. Save the recordings in recordings in machinima_tests/recordings
    4. Create tests in machinima_tests/tests that replay the recordings in the scenes and run assertions on the resulting state
    5. Use the npm run test:machinima command to run the tests

    Usage: machinima-bootstrap CLI

    The package includes a CLI to add the necessary configuration for automated functional testing in your NodeJS package. You can call it from the local installation with the commend below:


    This will install a set of templates in ./machinima_tests and you will be ready to run the example tests with:

    npm run test:machinima

    Load up your scenes to make new recordings with the following command:

    npm run record:machinima

    Once in the scene, use the spacebar to start and stop recording, and save the files to the machinima_tests/recordings folder.

    Usage: test API

    const machinima = require('aframe-machinima-testing');

    Access the helper functions by including the package in test scripts.

    machinima.test(description, recordingFile, postReplay, preReplay)

    A wrapper for Mocha's test that sets the recording to play and runs assertions after the playback finishes. .test.only() and .test.skip() variants are included to set the only or skip flag on the underlying Mocha test call.

    Argument Description
    description String. Test label
    recordingFile String. Path to recording file to play (as served by Karma)
    postReplay (optional) Function. Code/assertions to run after the recording completes
    preReplay (optional) Function. Code/assertions to run before the recording begins

    The postReplay and preReplay functions are called with this set to the Mocha test context, and objects added to this in preReplay will be available in postReplay.


    Should be called inside each suite's setup call to inject the A-Frame scene into the test document.

    Argument Description
    sceneFile String. Name of html file in the machinima_tests/scenes/ folder and prepared by karma-html2js-preprocessor

    Should be called inside the global or suite teardown call to help avatar-replayer clean-up.

    Lower-level API

    In cases where the .test wrapper doesn't suit your needs, you can use these lower-level functions inside a Mocha test call to run the machinima test.

    machinima.testStart(testContext, recordingFile)

    Disables the test timeout and activates avatar-replayer.

    Argument Description
    testContext Pass in the this object of your test function
    recordingFile Path to motion capture JSON file in the machinima_tests/scenes/ and served by Karma

    Sets callback as an event listener for when the recording is finished replaying. Requires asynchronous testing, so your Mocha test function needs to take the done argument and it should be called from inside your callback.

    Argument Description
    callback Function


    npm i aframe-machinima-testing

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