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Preparing for end of Axway

👇   support for Amplify Cloud and Mobile   👇

RIP Axway Amplify Titanium (2010 - 2022)

🪦   RIP Axway Amplify Titanium (2010 - 2022)

🪦   RIP Axway Amplify Cloud Services (2012 - 2022)

🪦   RIP Axway Amplify Crash Analytics (2015 - 2022)

🛑    Axway support for Amplify products has ended for most products related to mobile and cloud.

A few of the open-source versions of Axway Amplify products will live on after Axway Amplify End-of-Life (EOL) announcements. However, all closed-source projects and most open-source projects are now dead.


👉    A group of Axway employees, ex-Axway employees, and some developers from Titanium community have created a legal org and now officially decide all matters related to future of these products.




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@titanium/eventsource version @titanium/eventsource downloads @titanium/eventsource dependencies

Implementation of EventSource for Axway Amplify Titanium Native mobile apps

📝 Description

Server-Sent Event (SSE) streaming communication requires an implementation of EventSource and currently, no other EventSource polyfill exists for Titanium Native mobile apps. This package was written to be fully spec compliant: https://html.spec.whatwg.org/multipage/server-sent-events.html More features may be added to this client but goal is to keep it compliant.

Titanium EventSource is based on EventSource Polyfill by Matt Krick.

🚀 Getting Started

This module is meant to be used with Axway Amplify Titanium Native mobile apps

There are several ways this module can be used by Axway Amplify Titanium. It is likely that the package or library you are using for SSE already has this package as a dependency, in which case, you do not need to do anything further.

Please ensure there is a package.json file in the target directory. If there is not one present, you can create one with npm init.

If you are building an SSE module yourself and wish to use Titanium EventSource or you wish to install this in an app using Titanium Turbo, you can execute this in the project root directory:

npm install @titanium/eventsource

If you wish to install this in a Titanium Alloy app, you an install this by executing the following in the project root directory:

cd app
npm install @titanium/eventsource

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