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Titanium CLI

Titanium CLI is a Command Line Tool for creating and building Titanium Mobile applications and modules. It's open-source and easy to use. We've designed Titanium to be suitable for command line beginners, but still be powerful and extensible enough for production usage.


The Titanium CLI requires Node.js 18 or newer.


[sudo] npm install -g titanium

After install, Titanium CLI is executable as ti or titanium.

Obtaining a Titanium SDK

You will need to download a Titanium SDK:

# stable release (recommended)
titanium sdk install

Setting up the Titanium CLI

Before you begin using the Titanium CLI, you should configure it by running the "setup" command:

titanium setup


titanium <command> [options]

Built-in Commands


Configure your CLI settings.

# list all config settings
titanium config

# get a config setting
titanium config <key>

# set a config setting
titanium config <key> <value>


Displays help or help for a specific command.


titanium --help

titanium <command> --help


Download and install Titanium SDKs

sdk install

Installs a specific version of the Titanium SDK. If no version is specified, it assumes the latest.

titanium sdk install

titanium sdk install <version>

titanium sdk install <version> --force

sdk uninstall

Uninstalls a Titanium SDK.

titanium sdk uninstall <version>

sdk list

Lists all installed Titanium SDKs. Optionally lists all branches and releases.

titanium sdk list

titanium sdk list -r
titanium sdk list --releases


Reconfigures the Titanium CLI by asking you a series of questions.

titanium setup


Displays the current version of the CLI and exits.

titanium -v

titanium --version


Displays information about your development environment including Xcode installs, iOS SDKs, Android SDKs, and so on.

titanium info

titanium info --json

Hacking the Titanium CLI

In order to begin hacking on the Titanium CLI, you need to download and install git.

If you have already installed a previous version of the Titanium CLI, it's recommended you uninstall the old one first:

[sudo] npm uninstall -g titanium

The Titanium CLI is essentially pure JavaScript, so there is no build process. You just need to pull the code and resolve the dependendencies.

git clone git@github.com:tidev/titanium-cli.git
cd titanium-cli
npm install
sudo npm link

Running Unit Tests

To run the unit tests, simply run:

npm test


Interested in contributing? There are several ways you can help contribute to this project.

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If you find a security related issue, please send an email to security@tidev.io instead of publicly creating a ticket.

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