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Alloy is an MVC application framework by TiDev for the Titanium SDK.

Getting Started

  • Quick Start Guide that covers everything from installation to building your first app with Alloy.
  • Complete collection of Alloy Guides
  • Collection of sample apps showing various aspects of Alloy in practice.


from npm:

# install the latest stable
[sudo] npm install -g alloy

# install a specific version
[sudo] npm install -g alloy@1.4.1

# install cutting edge directly from github
[sudo] npm install -g git://

Running Sample Test Apps

Alloy includes many sample and test apps in the sample/apps folder (see above). For example, basics/simple. You can run these in a few different ways:

A) With a regular Alloy installation

Beginning with Alloy 1.6, you can do the following:

# first, create a Titanium Classic project
titanium create --name yourAppName
cd yourAppName

# then, convert it to an Alloy project, using the test app as a template
alloy new . --testapp basics/simple

B) By cloning the repo and using the Jake test runner

# first, clone the repo
git clone
cd alloy

# install jake globally
[sudo] npm install -g jake

# install alloy globally from the cloned repo
[sudo] npm install -g .

# install alloy's local testing dependencies
npm install

# run a test app
jake app:run dir=basics/simple

Additional Notes on Jake

  • See the jake readme for information on using jake including the arguments and flags it accepts.
  • on OSX or Linux
    • Try using sudo with the jake command if you run into permission errors.
  • on Windows
    • Don't run jake from within a user folder (i.e. C:\Users\tony\alloy), as you can get all kinds of non-obvious permissions failures from the child processing Alloy does. Your safest bet is to just git clone right to C:\alloy.
    • Node.js has an issue piping output between node processes on Windows. I've tried to workaround as best I can. You may still see errors pop up, so it's suggested that if you run the automated testing via jake test:all or npm test, you do so on a non-Windows OS to ensure there's no red herring failures until the aforementioned node.js issue is resolved.
    • If you decide to ignore my advice and run the tests anyway on Windows, make sure that if you imported the Harness into TiStudio that you don't have TiStudio running. Windows creates locks on key files in that project that are necessary for the testing process. It will make tests fail erroneously.
    • If you're still that stubborn, are running the test suite on Windows, and you're getting those intermittent, erroneous errors, try running them one spec at a time. Instead of doing jake test:all, do jake test:spec[SPEC_NAME], where SPEC_NAME is JS file in the test specs folder.


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