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  • backbone-nestedjson A toJSON replacement that handles nested objects
  • backbone.validator Validation plugin for Backbone allowing for setting of default values
  • cnt_newsletters The best project ever.
  • deepest-merge Deep nested merge with function combination
  • dr-sax An html to markdown converter for node that doesn't use jsdom
  • flatten-object Flatten a nested object
  • ga-collect A server interface for Google's analytics.js
  • hammer-time Flood a server with messages
  • haversort Sort a list of coordinates by distance from a given point
  • image-validator-stre... Through stream for verifying if a stream is a valid image (png, gif 87a/89a/ or jpg)
  • jsondom A DOM-like interface for querying Javascript Objects
  • jsonpject Provide a JSONP callback if necessary on a remote loaded script
  • levelsync Backbone.Sync replacement for leveldb
  • mockmailer Mock out nodemailer for testing
  • mongosync A Backbone.Sync replacement for persisting data on the backend using MongoJS
  • parsely Wrapper for Parsely's data insertion API
  • pivotal-to-trello Import pivotal tracker projects into trello
  • rearview A backbone view implementation that supports server side rendering
  • repl-it Loads all the packages in your package.json and creates a repl for you
  • restormify An automatic API generator for node-orm2 and restify
  • slack-dnd A slack integration for assisting in playing d&d
  • time-tracker Track time spent on projets from the command line
  • yajsml-scripto-llc Yet another (Common)JS module loader.

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