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Backbone.Sync replacement for leveldb


LevelSync is a Backbone.Model replacement which uses LevelDB via the levelup interface.

npm install --save levelsync
var levelup = require('level');
var db = levelup('./path/to/db');
var Backbone = require('backbone');
Backbone.sync = require('levelsync')(db);
var StatBlock = Backbone.Model.extend({
  defaults: {
    'str': 8,
    'con': 8,
    'wis': 8,
    'dex': 8,
    'int': 8,
    'chr': 8
var myCharacter = new StatBlock();
myCharacter.set('str', 18);
myCharacter.set('name', 'LEROY JENKINS');, {cb: function(err){
  if(!err) console.log(myCharacter.get('name'), 'was saved');
// or
var promise =;
  console.log(myCharacter.get('name'), 'was saved');

The options hash accepts a new parameter, cb. This callback will be use for all the level operations if set. It's signature should be (err, data). If this is not set, a q promise will be returned instead.

LevelSync is copyright (c) 2013 Todd Kennedy. Usage is provided under the terms of the MIT Licence