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Sort a list of coordinates by distance from a given point


An implementation of a haversine algorhythm for finding the distance, in KM, between two latitudes and longtudes on Earth.

npm install -S haversort

> var h = require('haversort');
> h.distanceSort(10, 10, [[18,18], [12,12], [13,13], [14,14]]);
[ [ 12, 12, 312 ],
  [ 13, 13, 467.5 ],
  [ 14, 14, 622.8 ],
  [ 18, 18, 1240.3 ] ]
> h.haversine(10, 10, 20, 20);

Given a point and a list of points, returns the list sorted by distance (closest first)

Name Type Description
lat mixed

Lat of center point or array of [lat, lon] representing the center point

lon mixed

Lon of center point or array of points to sort

points array

Array of points to sort


Array of points, sorted by distance from center point, with the distance pushed as the last element in each array

Type array

Compute the distance between two points using the haversine formula, based on the above defined Radius.

Name Type Argument Description
lat1 mixed

First lat, or an array of [lat, lon] representing the first point

lon1 mixed

First lon, or an array of [lat, lon] resresenting the second point

lat2 number <optional>

The latitude of the second point

lon2 number <optional>

The longitude of the second point


The distance, in KM, between the two points, rounded to the tenths.

Type number

Give that trig function a radian. Trig functions LOVE radians

Name Type Description
num number

Angle, in degrees to return as a Radian


The radian for that angle.

Type number

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