15 Packages by tec27

  • argyle Basic SOCKS5 server libary
  • browserify-ngmin browserify transform version of ngmin
  • bundle-bindings A `bindings` replacement for when JS files have been bundled together into a single file.
  • comsat Starcraft 2 replay file parsing in node.js
  • filmstrip2gif Browser module for converting a filmstrip image into a GIF file.
  • implode-decoder A pure JS decoder for the PKWare implode compression algorithm
  • irk IRC client library based around a streaming parser.
  • nydus WebSocket server using the nydus protocol, a simple RPC/PubSub protocol.
  • nydus-client WebSocket client library for the nydus protocol, a simple RPC/PubSub protocol.
  • nydus-protocol Encoder/decoder for nydus, a simple RPC/PubSub protocol designed for use over WebSockets.
  • parse-irc Streaming IRC parser.
  • throttled-stream Stream implementation that throttles its output to a maximum number of bytes per second.
  • through2-objectify A through2 for transforming buffer (or string) streams into objectMode ones (or vice-versa).
  • vid2gif Browser module for converting a video element into a GIF file.
  • yoplait A wrapper around the "unofficial" Yo API.