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WebSocket server using the nydus protocol, a simple RPC/PubSub protocol.

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import nydus from 'nydus'

const nydusServer = nydus(httpServer[, options])

Create a nydus server and attach it to a particular httpServer. An optional options object can be passed as the second argument. For the list of acceptable options, check the constructor method of


nydusServer.registerRoute(pathPattern, ...handlers)

Register one or more handlers to respond to INVOKE messages on a path matching the specified pattern. Handlers are ES7 async functions (and thus return promises when called) of the form: async function(data, next)

Handlers will be composed in order, and are expected to call next(data, next) to make execution continue further down the chain. Data is an immutable map that can be changed before passing it to the next function, but should present the same API (or ideally, be an ImmutableJS map) for compatibility with other handlers.

The final resolved value will be sent to the client (as a RESULT if the promise was successfully resolved, or an ERROR if it was rejected).

nydusServer.subscribeClient(client, path[, initialData])

Add a subscription to a publish path for a client. Whenever messages are published to that path, this client will receive a message (until unsubscribed). If initialData is specified and the client was previously not subscribed, this data will be published to the client immediately (but not to the other subscribed clients).

nydusServer.publish(path, data)

Publish the given data to all of the clients subscribed on the specified path.

nydusServer.unsubscribeClient(client, path)

Remove a client's subscription to a particular path (if it was subscribed).


Close any open connections and then stop the nydus server.