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Basic SOCKS5 server libary


A basic SOCKS5 server library written for node.js.

argyle supports the most basic features of SOCKS and not a whole lot more, namely:

  • 'No authentication' auth mode only
  • CONNECT commmand only

In the future I may add support for more auth modes and commands, but currently this implementation works well for my main use case (sitting between a local browser and server).

var argyle = require('argyle');
var server = argyle(8080, '');
server.on('connected', function(reqdest) {

Example: Throttled proxy server using node-throttled-stream

var argyle = require('argyle'),
throttle = require('throttled-stream'),
kbpsUp = 32,
kbpsDown = 128;
var server = argyle(8080, '');
server.on('connected', function(reqdest) {
var tReq = throttle(req, kbpsUp * 1024),
tDest = throttle(dest, kbpsDown * 1024);
dest.once('error', function(err) { req.end(); })
.on('close', function() { req.end(); });
tReq.on('data', function(chunk) {
tDest.on('data', function(chunk) {

Sets up a new SOCKS server on the specified port and host. If debug is specified, the server will output messages about the status of connections.

A new client connected to the server and the socket to their requested destination is now open. Handlers for this event are passed a request socket, corresponding to the client that made the request from the server, and a destination socket, corresponding to the server that they requested to connect to.

With npm:

npm install argyle