13 Packages by shaunxcode

  • chain-of-strength chain building DSL
  • cli-sudoku cli sudoku
  • coffeetalk a smalltalk esque class browser for coffeescript
  • cucumis-sativus a gherkin parser
  • datomicism interface for visualizing datomic schemas and queries
  • jsedn js implementation of edn
  • moarl moarl - less dependency management utility
  • mug a command line text editor written in and powered by coffeescript which can use codemirror modes
  • soy experimental lisp which supports both s-expressions and smalltalk esque syntax
  • swedn white space sensitive edn
  • taskshuffle flat file .tasks editor for your browser
  • vanillaice static site generation tool
  • wonderboy-in-ascii-w... wonderboy in ascii world