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Chain Of Strength

What is this? Essentially I needed a way of serializing js statements to pass to phantom js, meaning the functions can not depend on the ability to refer to any outside variables.

Consider (assuming you have a phantom js page object):

= 6
= 7
selector = ".div"
page.evaluate -> $(selector).addClass("#div-#{x}-#{y}")

This will fail as it refers to selector, x, and y.

Chain allows you to build a function returning a call chain:

COS = require "chain-of-strength"
= 6
= 7
selector = ".div"
page.evaluate COS.func $: selectoraddClass: "#div-#{x}-#{y}"

Obviously this is a little more noisy, but definitely nicer than

page.evaluate "function(){ return $('#{selector}').addClass('#div-#{x}-#{y}') }"

You can also just get a raw method chain w/o a function wrapper by calling buildChain

COS.buildChain ['a'b: [1,2]]

There are times when you may want to have a nested callback e.g. to a map/filter method

COS.func $: selectormap: func: ["$(this)"css: "display"]
'function(){return $(".div").map(function(){return $(this).css("display")})}'