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coffeescript/ncurse based command line text editor which utilizes codemirror modes


Yeah basically vim but written in coffee with way less features!

Right now you can edit and save files and issue some very basic commands.

You start in insert mode, pressing escape brings you back to visual mode.

In visual mode i visual mode : command > short cut for :do -> / regular expression s,save save file sa,saveAs save file as q,quit quit sq,wq save and quit esc exit command mode

When writing commands you have access to the entire Mug object via @doc. This is mainly useful for manipulating @doc.lines e.g.

:do -> @doc.lines = ( -> c.toUpperCase()) for line in @doc.lines)

would upper case all of the lines in the document.


add selecting of text/cut/copy/paste add regex searching show result of commands plugin system code mirror syntax highlighting web server mode (starts express server for your project so you can do js fiddle style rapid dev)