20 Packages by rockbot

  • couch-login A module for doing logged-in requests to a couchdb server
  • googalytics Google Analytics API for Node projects
  • hapi-common-log Parses the hapi request object to create a common log format log line
  • hapi-mysql A simple hapi plugin that provides a connection to a MySQL database
  • hardwork10 we did it!
  • items Bare minimum async methods
  • madlibify simple module for creating a madlibs-like game :-)
  • marky-markdown The thing npm uses to clean up READMEs and other markdown files
  • mustache-mailer send emails using nodemailer, and mustache templates.
  • newww The website
  • newww-metrics a numbat metrics wrapper for newww
  • nodealytics Google Analytics API for Node projects
  • npm-email-templates shared templates for transactional npm emails.
  • npm-expansions What does n-p-m stand for?
  • npm-humans The humans behind npm, Inc
  • npm-registry-couchap... The CouchApp implementation of an npm registry
  • pkgs Fetch npm registry metadata for a list of npm package names
  • redsess Yet another redis session thing for node
  • token-facilitator generates tokens and stores them with relevant data in redis
  • vektor A linear algebra module, including vectors, matrices, transformations, etc

4 Packages starred by rockbot

  • jade A clean, whitespace-sensitive template language for writing HTML
  • johnny-five The JavaScript Hardware Programming Framework. Use with: Arduino (all models), Electric Imp, Beagle Bone, Intel Galileo & Edison, Linino One, Pinoccio, Raspberry Pi, Spark Core, TI Launchpad and more!
  • npm a package manager for JavaScript
  • npm-humans The humans behind npm, Inc