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This is the list of packages that appears on the home page. It is generated by an occasional, one-off data crunch which counts how many times a package name appears in an "npm install" command. This is not the same as downloads, since most packages are installed as dependencies of other packages. This metric tends to surface packages that people start with, and also frequently used CLI tools.

Once the job is run, we have to manually find logos etc. for each package. That, and the slowness of the job, is why this list is not currently automated or very frequently updated. Luckily, the list of explicitly installed packages changes only very slowly. You can see a version of the same data from 2015-10-13 here:

How to get your package on the front page

  • You can't. We generate the list programmatically and then clean it up and add logos, etc.
  • You cannot pay to be on this list. We picked "explict installs" as our metric because we thought this would optimize for usefulness to new users.
  • Because these are manually cleaned up after the job is run, there is no way to game this metric, so please don't run millions of npm install commands to try and get on to the list.



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