7 Packages by rasmuserik

  • hashcolor Microlibrary to get a color given a string
  • jsonml2html Microlibrary that converts jsonml into html strings
  • jsxml javascript utilities for working xml, mainly in jsonml in array form
  • platformenv This is a microlibrary with a single function `platformenv.define(global)`, that sets a number of predicates on the global object:`isNodeJs`, `isDevServer`, `isTesting`, and maybe more in the future. Mainly used with solapp apps. Include as: `require("platformenv").define global if typeof isNodeJs != "boolean"` in coffeescript, to make sure it is optimised away in uglifyjs. (The whole reason to have a library that sets properties on the global object is that they can be optimised away, including dead code removal, by uglifyjs when they are defined by the preprocessor).
  • reputil Hack to quickly make apps using a single coffeescript source
  • solapp Tool for quickly creating apps
  • uutil micro library with various utility functions