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logo Jsxml

JavaScript utilities for parsing and working xml, mainly in jsonml in array form.

More info on JsonML at and wikipedia

This module implements the following functions:

  • jsxml.fromXml(xml_string) converts a string containing xml to jsonml in array form
  • jsxml.toXml(jsxml_array) converts jsonml in array form to xml
  • jsxml.toObject(jsxml_array) converts jsonml in array form to an easier subscriptable object
  • jsxml.childReduce(jsxml_array, callback_function(accumulator, child_element), initial_value) applies the callback function to each child element of the jsonml array
  • jsxml.getAttr(jsxml_array, attribute) retrieves the value of a given attribute of the jsonml array or undefined if no attributes, or no attributes defined

Released under open source / MIT license