9 Packages by rane

  • ez-jenkins cli for jenkins ci
  • gifsickle a node wrapper for [gifsicle](http://www.lcdf.org/gifsicle/) and [gifsicle-bin](https://github.com/imagemin/gifsicle-bin).
  • graphite-cli a simple tool for making http calls to graphite
  • gs-more A node module for accessing the unofficial Grooveshark API
  • gstool A command-line tool for sending lists of Spotify songs to Grooveshark
  • pm2-yaml Generate JSON app declaration for PM2 from a directory where each YAML file is an app.
  • tinysong An API library for Tinysong.com
  • treis decorates functions with input and output logging
  • tunnit calculates number of hours for a text file