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treɪs | a simple tool to debug and observe functions

treis will answer the question "what arguments is this function called with and what does it return?".

It can be particularly useful when programming in point-free style.

If you want to know what a function does in the middle of a compose pipeline, just do:

compose(h, treis(g), f);


$ npm install treis


treis(label?, Function) → Function

Returns a decorated version of fn that prints the arguments given to fn and its return value.

You can optionally label functions by passing a name before the function to be decorated, if not, treis will try to use

Writes output to stderr.


const R = require('ramda');
const treis = require('treis');
//    greet ∷ String → String 
const greet = (name) =>
  `Hello, ${name}!`
//    greetPeople ∷ [String] → String 
const greetPeople =
const people = ['John', 'Jill', 'Bruce'];


browser support

Works with browserify.

useful vim mappings

These require surround.vim:

" Surround a word with treis()
nmap <buffer> <Leader>tr ysiwftreis<CR>f(
" Surround a visual selection with treis()
vmap <buffer> <Leader>tr Sftreis<CR>f(
nmap <buffer> <Leader>tR ysiwfrequire('treis')<CR>f(
vmap <buffer> <Leader>tR Sfrequire('treis')<CR>f(