12 Packages by pmuellr

  • ang-tangle tangles source files into an angular application
  • cakex extended functionality for cake
  • cat-source-map concatenate JavaScript files, handling source map bits
  • cf-node-debug proxy in aid of debugging node programs on Cloud Foundry
  • cfenv easy access to your Cloud Foundry application environment
  • jbuild a build tool in/for JavaScript
  • modjewel modjewel provides a require() function for use with CommonJS modules, designed for use in web browsers.
  • nodprof profiling for node.js using v8 natives
  • ragents agent messaging protocol over WebSocket
  • ragents-server ragents server library
  • weinre WEb INspector REmote
  • wr watch files and run a command when they change

7 Packages starred by pmuellr

  • cf-launcher Launcher daemon for Cloud Foundry + Node.js development.
  • cf-services-connecto... A module that connects you to the cloud foundry services API via a custom broker
  • csurf CSRF token middleware
  • hubot-cf Some useful Cloud Foundry scripts for hubot
  • node-cloudfoundry-lo... Simple library for read logs applications in Cloud Foundry (Pivotal) instances
  • q-io IO using Q promises
  • workshopper A terminal workshop runner framework