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no-pro express-middleware - express-compatible middleware to profile keyed requests

NPM version

Part of the no-pro mono-repo.


npm install @no-pro/express-middleware

quick start


const profilingMiddleware = require('@no-pro/express-middleware')


const app = express()


app.use('*', profilingMiddleware({
  profilingKey: 'my-secret-profiling-key-42',
  writeProfile: '/tmp'


The options here indicate that profiles will be written to the /tmp directory, and that only requests with the following header will be profiled:

x-no-pro-profiling-key: my-secret-profiling-key-42


The package exports a function which will return an express middleware function to profile requests to the server.

The exported function takes an object as a parameter, with the following properties:

  • all the options from the runtime startProfiling() function function

  • profilingKey (required)

    A string which will be the "key" that indicates requests should be profiled. This key needs to be sent as the value of the http header x-no-pro-profiling-key when making a request that you'd like to profile.

  • writeProfile (required)

    A string or function which indicates where to write the profile.

    If a string is passed, it will be used as the directory name to write the profile to, with the suggested file name, as described below.

    If a function is passed, it will be invoked with the following arguments:

    • http request object
    • http response object
    • JSON-able profile data
    • suggestedFileName

    The suggested file name is built from the date, request method, and url.

    For example, to write the profile data to the console (not recommended, heh), use:

    writeProfile: function (req, res, profile) { console.log(profile) }
  • profilingKeyHeader

    Rather than using the header x-no-pro-profiling-key to pass the profiling key, you can specify the header with this option.

  • profilingSuggestedNameHeader

    In the http response of a request that has been profiled, a header with the name x-no-pro-suggested-name will be added with the suggested name of the profile. The name of the header can be overridden with this value.


See the file CHANGELOG.md.

license / contributing / etc

See the root of the no-pro mono-repo.




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