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moar-profiler - v8 cpu profiler with moar

moar-profiler is a command line program which can generate a CPU profile for a Node.js program running with the --inspect option.

The CPU profile data is produced from the V8 Profiler which collects timing samples of your functions and the stack frames they are executing in, while your program is running. The data can then be visualized in profiling tools, like Chrome Dev Tools.

moar-profiler starts with that then, enriches that data with even moar!

  • JavaScript source of the modules that appear in the profile
  • package information on those modules
  • some metadata about your node process

You can use the online moar-profile-viewer to display that enriched profile data. Or just use any old profile viewer like Chrome Dev Tools, and it will just ignore the additional information.

Note that while moar-profiler will run on versions of Node.js >= version 4, it can only generate profiles for programs running on versions of Node.js >= version 6. The Chrome Dev Tools inspector protocol is not available for Node.js version 4.

usage from the command-line

moar-profiler [options] inspector-url

The inspector-url parameter should be an http/s: url to a Node.js process running with the inspector port open. When invoking node with the --inspect option, it will use the port 9229, so the url would be http://localhost:9229. When the url protocol / hostname is http://localhost, you can just provide the port number instead of the complete url. So instead of http://localhost:9229 you can use 9229 as the url.

The generated profile will be written to stdout. Some tools require the file extension of the profile to be .cpuprofile, but the data in the file is delicious, creamy JSON.


option description
-d --duration how long to profile the process (default: 5 seconds)
-s --sampling sample rate (default: 1000 microseconds)
-h --help print this help
-v --version print the program version

Debug logging is enabled by setting the environment variable LOGLEVEL to debug.

Example usage:

# start your application
node --inspect my

# run the profiler in another terminal
moar-profiler -d 3 9229 > my.moar.cpuprofile

usage in-process, as a module, in >= node 8

const moarProfiler = require('moar-profiler')
const moarProfilerOptions = {
  duration: 1     // seconds,
  sampling: 1000  // microseconds

// run profile for specified # of seconds and send back err / profile object
moarProfiler.profile(null, options, (err, profileObject) => {


npm install -g @moar-things/moar-profiler


This package is licensed under the MIT license. See the LICENSE.md file for more information.


Awesome! We're happy that you want to contribute.

Please read the CONTRIBUTING.md file for more information.




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