12 Packages by objectundefined

  • amq A nodejs AMQP implementation built on top of amqplib's channel-oriented api. Connection/Queue/Exchange constructors supporting auto-reconnection and backoff.
  • completion_emitter Track progress of async workflows Implemented using EventEmitter.
  • daemonize.redux Slight revision on top of Kuba Niegowski's Daemonize 2, tested to be compatible with Node 0.10
  • executor-service An "ExecutorService" implementation closely modeled after its java counterpart. Provides child-process executors to mimic multithreaded executors. Implements "createExecutor(module_path_or_local_fn, [module_or_fn_constructor_args]), and "createExecutorPoo
  • mongoose-redis-persi... mongoose-redis-persistence ==========================
  • node-cypher Cypher-only interface to neo4j over http, optimized for volume. Configurably batches and retries items to increase overall throughput.
  • oursql MySql ORM module for Node.JS
  • pushmq Push notification message queue and scheduler
  • recant A promise library that violates everything you know about promises.
  • tailnative.redux Small revision on top of Marco Rondini's Native (C++) Re-Implemetation of 'tail -f' command
  • thready thready =======
  • unique_task_queue UniqueTaskQueue ===============