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A promise library that violates everything you know about promises.

Things You Can Do

*Create promises where the resolver can reset the promise to resolve/reject again. *Create deferreds that can be reset to resolve/reject again. Again

Why on earth would you do this?

*Create a promise that always resolves with an open connection (reset the promise on conn.close or conn.err) *Pipeline dynamic dependencies through normal promise symantics


Install via NPM

$ npm install recant

Example- Promise

var recant = require('recant') ;
var promise = recant.promise(function(resolve,reject,notify,reset){
    var connPromise = ;
        resolve(conn) ;
        conn.on('close',reset) ;
        reject(err) ;

Example- Deferred

var recant = require('recant') ;
var deferred = recant.defer() ;
var promise = deferred.promise ;
deferred.resolve(val); // as of now, all promise.then calls will resolve with a value 
deferred.reset() ; // now, all promise.then calls ( against the same promise ) will be pending until resolved or rejected again 
deferred.reject(err) ; // now, all promise.then calls will be rejected as the state has changed