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OurSql generates live database objects that respond similarly to the ActiveRecord pattern, however it does not support model creation, table generation, etc. As a result, OurSql is geared primarily toward those who are working with pre-existing MySql databases, or those who are willing to create tables from scratch. The only requirement is that every table initialized by OurSql must have an auto-increment, unique field named 'id'.

To install OurSql, it is recommended that you install NPM and run the command:

$ npm install oursql

--Model Creation--

Import OurSql, connect to the database, and create models. Models are based upon pre-existing mysql tables in the given mysql database client. You don't need to define properties and types for any pre-existing columns in each table, however you can define relationships between tables by adding methods:

var	OurSql = require('oursql'),
sqloptions = {user:'dbuser',password:'dbpassword',database:'blog',host:'localhost'};

OurSql.connect(sqloptions, function(){

	// SYNTAX: Object = new OurSql.Model(TableName,mysqlclient)
	User = new OurSql.Model('Users',mysqlclient);
	Entry = new OurSql.Model('Entries',mysqlclient);
	Tag = new OurSql.Model('Tags',mysqlclient);
		return Entry.findWhere({},callback);
		return Entry.retrieve({where:{},orderBy:'dateline DESC',limit:5},callback);


--Model Usage--

Now, you can use your object models to perform CRUD operations. You can either pass an object of key-value pairs when you create the instance, or you can create a blank instance and set values thereafter:

// Create a brand new User

	var jack = new User.Instance({name:'Jack'});	
	jack.age = 25;
	jack.girlfriend = 'Jill';

// Since jack is an object you just created without first retrieving it from the DB, 
// the save() operation will create a new database entry.;	

// Now, jack will have an ID   // returns int 5 

// Later, you'll want to retrieve jack from the database.

	jack = oneUser;   // returns int 5
	jack.girlfriend     // returns str 'Jill'
		// entries is an array of Entry Instances
		entries[0].title = 'NEW TITLE';
	jack.delete(); //supports callback to determine success or failure