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  • chainy Perhaps the most awesome way of interacting with data using a chainable API
  • docpad DocPad is a dynamic static site generator. Write your content as files, or import your content from other external sources. Render the content with plugins. And deploy your static or dynamic website to your favourite hosting provider.
  • docpad-plugin-addthi... AddThis Docpad getBlock codes for all 7 available widgets.
  • docpad-plugin-browse... Adds support for compilation of Browserify JavaScript to DocPad
  • docpad-plugin-coffee Adds support for the various CoffeeScript inspired pre-processors to DocPad. Including CoffeeScript, CoffeeKup and CoffeeCSS, among others.
  • docpad-plugin-eco Adds support for the Eco templating engine to DocPad.
  • docpad-plugin-facebo... Facebook Comments feature.
  • docpad-plugin-grunt Run Grunt tasks when building with DocPad.
  • docpad-plugin-inline... Adds the Web Write Inline GUI/CMS to your DocPad project
  • ember-cli-cordova A tool for creating hybrid apps using a combination of ember-cli and cordova
  • noflo Flow-Based Programming environment for JavaScript
  • voxel tools to work with voxel generation and chunking in javascript
  • voxel-engine make games with voxel.js
  • voxel-oculus 3D Side by Side stereo view to be used with the Oculus Rift
  • voxel-server multiplayer server for [voxel-engine](http://github.com/maxogden/voxel-engine)