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iconmonstr + tipsy for DocPad

via Eco functions

Alt text

Install: docpad install iconmonstrtipsy

Function: getIconmonstrTipsyBlock(iconName,'iconId,iconClass,tipsy`)

Real world example: <%- @getIconmonstrTipsyBlock('globe','iconmonstr-head-id','cool-class','data-placement="right" data-content="Some more content here. This is my second tooltip."') %>


Have the following in your /scripts/script.js file or in it's own YUI javascript file:

        gallery: 'gallery-2013.03.27-22-06'
    }).use('gallery-tipsy','gallery-popover', function (Y) { 
        //Y.Popover is loaded and good to go.
     var tipsy = new Y.Tipsy({
        selector: "[rel='tipsy']"

YUI 3 is a dependency for this plugin so no need to also load YUI as a script in's scripts: [] or otherwise.