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@getFacebookComments() for Docpad !

Modeled after docpad-plugin-services. By @mikeumus of MDM

What Facebook Comments?

These Facebook Comments!:

It comes with options!

Arugments must go in this order: @getFacebookComments(1010,'dark',100, 'time')

  • width option: supports only numbers, no '30px' or '100%'
  • colorscheme options: 'light' or 'dark'
  • order_by options: 'social', 'reverse_time', 'time'. Default: 'social'
  • Not implemented, mobile: whether to show the mobile-optimized version. Default: auto-detect.

So for example the follow posted in a <%- getFacebookComments(1010,'dark',100, 'time') %>

Will product something like this: Alt text