10 Packages by limulus

  • http-file-share Read and write files under a directory over HTTP
  • http-one-oh-no Make HTTP 1.0 requests
  • jarfile Get information about a jar file
  • mache An in-memory, self-invalidating, file-to-object cache.
  • node-nailgun Start, stop and connect to Nailgun servers
  • stream-newline Ensure stream ends with a newline
  • svg-playground Play, create and collaborate on parametric SVG images generated using JavaScript
  • taskifier Transparently turn emails sent to a support address into trackable tasks
  • taskifier-asana Plugin for taskifier that generates Asana tasks
  • vecs A thin JavaScript library for SVG element creation and manipulation

2 Packages starred by limulus

  • mock-spawn A mock for child_process.spawn
  • nsp Node Security Project command line tool