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jarfile Build Status

A Node.js module for getting information about a jar file.


Want to know something about what is going on in a jar file? This module may help!


Currently this module can only tell you about manifest entries. If there's other stuff worth knowing about the contents of a jar file, feel free to submit a pull request!


npm install jarfile


var jarfile = require("jarfile")
// Get the Main-Class entry from foo.jar. 
jarfile.fetchJarAtPath("foo.jar", function (err, jar) {


jarfile.fetchJarAtPath(path, callback)

Reads information from the jar file at the given path, and passes the following to the callback:

  • An error if there was an error reading the jar file or its manifest.
  • A Jar object. See the methods below for what to do with this object.

Note that this function caches Jar objects and doesn’t make any attempts to ensure the underlying file has not changed.

Jar.prototype.valueForManifestEntry([sectionName], entryName)

Returns the string value for the given entry’s name. If you’re looking for an entry in a particular section, specify the section’s name as the first argument. If the section or entry does not exist in the manifest, null is returned.