18 Packages by kixxauth

  • backbone-fetch-cache Caches calls to Backbone.[Model | Collection].fetch
  • basic-cache The most basic memory caching module ever.
  • capsulate Better JavaScript Object validation and management for servers.
  • cm-engine Content management redefined.
  • couchdb_raw An HTTP library specifically for CouchDB.
  • crystal_constants A little JavaScript / CoffeeScript utility class for frozen 'constant' objects.
  • dev_proxy An HTTP proxy designed to speed local development of web applications running from other environments (like Rails).
  • enginemill Making it easier to build awesome stuff on the web.
  • enginemill-db A database abstraction layer.
  • filepath A little utility interface for working with the filesystem in Node.js.
  • iou A JavaScript promise API.
  • logroll file rotating Node.js stream
  • mrcoffee Load and Build JavaScript and CoffeeScript modules for the browser
  • proctools Tools for running and managing processes
  • q-smsified Q API for REST service
  • telegram Publish Subscribe (pubsub) over TCP
  • test-tools Toolkit and utilities for automated testing in Node.js
  • treadmill Automated testing for JavaScript and CoffeeScript