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Capsulate is an Object validation and managment tool for the Node.js (V8) JavaScript Environment. The goal is to provide a set of functional tools that make it easier to safely work with JavaScript objects on a server.


Capsulate is designed to be installed by including it in the package.json dependencies list for your web project. Follow the npm documentation for package.json if you don't already know how to do that.

Once you have it listed in the package.json for your project, just run

npm install

from the root of your project.


Load Capsulate into a Node.js module by requiring it.

    var CAP = require('capsulate');

Create prototypes to use.

var Person = CAP.extend({
    firstName: {
        name: 'first name',
        coerce: String,
        defaultValue: '',
        validators: [string, required]
    lastName: {
        name: 'last name',
        coerce: String,
        defaultValue: '',
        validators: [string, required]
    age: {
        defaultValue: 0,
      validators: [number]
    affilations: {
        defaultValue: Array,
        validators: [affiliations]
  address: {
        defaultValue: function () { return Object.create(null); },
    validators: [address]
var Buyer = Person.extend({
    purchases: {
        defaultValue: [],
        validators: [purchases]

Then easily manage and validate your objects.

var john = Buyer.create({tags: [safe]});
var jane = Buyer.clean(formData);
jane = Buyer.coerce(jane);
var errors = Buyer.validate(jane);

Copyright and License

Copyright: (c) 2012 by The Fireworks Project (

Unless otherwise indicated, all source code is licensed under the MIT license. See MIT-LICENSE for details.