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Middleware for parsing the Akamai EdgeScape header


$ npm install --save edgescape-parser


var express = require('express');
var edgescapeParser = require('edgescape-parser');
var app = express();
app.get('/:country_code?', function(req, res) {
  // redirect homepage to country code 
  if(_.isUndefined(req.params.country_code)) {
    var country_code = req.akamai.edgescape.country_code.toLowerCase() || 'us';
    res.redirect(302, '/' country_code);
  } else {
    // Render country specific page 





Type: string
Default: x-akamai-edgescape

Parses the header into a JSON object containing all of the EdgeScape variables.

Attribute Name Availability Value Type Description
country_code global string Two-letter ISO-3166-1 country code
region_code global string/integer Province, region or state code. Not available in all countries.
city global string
dma United States integer Designated Marketing Area - the same as the Nielson definition.
pmsa United States integer Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area, a measure by the US government. There is no direct correlation for these measures outside the US.
msa United States integer A number representing the Metropolitan Statistical Area.
area code United States integer-array ‘+’ delimited array of phone area codes associated with the client IP address.
county United States string
fips United States integer Numerical value for the county
lat global float Global latitude position
long global float Global longitude position
timezone global string GMT + offset
zip United States + Canada zipcode-range-array ‘+’ delimited array of zipcode ranges. ‘-’ indicates the range. Note that this field is based on the ‘city’ field, so that is the current granularity level.
continent global string
throughput global string See the “Actual Connection Speed (throughput)” file under Support > User and Developer Guides > Content Targeting > Data Codes.
bw global integer Provides additional granularity to the ‘throughput’ field.
asnum global integer-array ‘+’ delimited array of Autonomous System (AS) numbers.
network global, select networks string The name of the network/ISP that owns the IP address, including wireless carriers. Select networks only.
network_type global string The connection type seen in the end user’s request (e.g., dialup, cable, dsl)
proxy global string This value is set if the IP is a proxy.


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