10 Packages by julien51

  • backbone-indexeddb An backbone adapter for indexeddb. Useless for most people untile indexeddb is ported to the browser
  • feediscovery A wrapper around http://feediscovery.appspot.com/
  • feender This is a simple node.js (pure javascript) module that's able to extract feed urls from any url. This is based on Feediscovery, but functions locally, to avoid the outrageous charges from GAE.
  • hapi-superfeedr This is a re-usable [Hapi](http://hapijs.com/) plugin for [Superfeedr](https://superfeedr.com/)
  • msgboy-backbone-adap... This is a redis based adapted for backbone in the msgboy. Please do not use in any other application.
  • relmeauth A rel=me auth middleware implementation in node.js. Works with any connect-type web application
  • superfeedr A package to interact with Superfeedr's API and get pushed RSS/atom content
  • winston-syslog A syslog transport for winston
  • xmpp-echo-bot
  • xmpp-server XMPP server based on node-xmpp