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Unlock-js is an npm module that provides a wrapper around the Unlock smart contract ABIs to simplify interactions with the protocols smart contracts (both Unlock and PublicLock).

It is used in production by the Unlock front-end applications and can be deployed both on server side (node.js) applications and front end applications (using your favorite JavaScript framework).

One of the core goals of this library is to abstract the complexity of the multiple Unlock and PublicLock versions with a single library. It covers some of the data type conversions so that API calls are more user-friendly (strings instead of BigInts).

You can find more docs and detailed usage examples in Unlock's main documentation.


This library also includes a few scripts that are usable to perform some actions. To use it, clone the repo and install its dependencies (follow the Getting Started section on the main README).

For example, you can use the following command to grant keys:

yarn run grant-keys <network id> <lock address> <recipient>,<expiration?>,<manager?>...

Where network id, lock address are respectively the network id and lock address. And recipient, expiration and manager are respectively the recipient, the desired expiration and manager for the granted keys. If expiration is not set, it will be based on the lock's duration. If manager is left empty, it will be set to senders address.

You need to set export PRIVATE_KEY=... that will be used to grant keys.


yarn run grant-keys 4 0x6F6A5558743Fe28F5F4106a83b1E42cF2cB36C0B 0xDD8e2548da5A992A63aE5520C6bC92c37a2Bcc44,1,0xDD8e2548da5A992A63aE5520C6bC92c37a2Bcc44 julien51.eth

Open API Client

We have openapi.yml file which has our endpoint documented. We use it to generate typescript API client using openapi-generator-tools but it can be used with most programming languages. Check the openapi documentation for your language of choice.

Before generating, make sure you install a valid JDK for your platform. You can find installation steps on the openapi site.

You can run the generator for your language through this command. Replace the generator and config with your own. You may download the open api file directly as well if you don't want to clone this repo.

openapi-generator-cli generate -i ./openapi.yml -g [generator] -c config.json -o client

There is a yarn generate command which generates the client and spits it out in the @generated folder for internal use.


You can run the entire test suite using

yarn test

Run a single test

yarn test:single --file src/__tests__/utils.test.js

Run a single integration test with specific versions

yarn hardhat test:integration src/__tests__/integration/lock/cancelAndRefund.js --unlock-version 10 --lock-version 12




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