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  • bittorrent-peerid Maps a Bittorrent Peer ID to its corresponding client type and version.
  • bufferlist Create linked lists of Buffer objects
  • channel-server buddycloud channels service for XMPP
  • codetube decentralized git hosting
  • contextify Turn an object into a persistent execution context.
  • crawler Crawler is a web spider written with Nodejs. It gives you the full power of jQuery on the server to parse a big number of pages as they are downloaded, asynchronously. Scraping should be simple and fun!
  • dvbjs query Dresden's public transport system for current bus- and tramstop data
  • dynamictemplate Δt - async & dynamic templating engine
  • jsconfig async configuration loader with cli support
  • ledstripe control WS2801 and LPD8806 LED stripes via SPI
  • libxmljs libxml bindings for v8 javascript engine
  • lift lifting code to the client: dual side templating made easy
  • ltx <xml for="node.js" browserify="too">
  • node-expat NodeJS binding for fast XML parsing.
  • node-stringprep ICU StringPrep profiles
  • node-xmpp Idiomatic XMPP client, component & server library for node.js + browserify
  • osm-pbf-parser streaming open street maps protocol buffer parser
  • protocol-buffers Protocol Buffers for Node.js
  • samsung-remote Remote client for Samsung SmartTV
  • Sentimental Sentiment Analysis module
  • treeeater useing git with focus on fun or something like that!
  • unicode unicode lookup table