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  • bitbucket-api A package to access the BitBucket Api.
  • curling A simple wrapper around curl with a easy to use interface.
  • distro An small simple wrapper over UDP Datagrams to create clients/servers with an standard message format.
  • distro-redis Redis transport for distro.
  • node-resources A helper to register routes from modules on restify and ExpressJS. Improves separation of concerns and propose a different code organization on your application.
  • oembed-node A node library to consume oEmbed providers, support for Vimeo and Youtube at the moment
  • timeTraveller Time Traveller provides a set of utility methods to deal with dates. From adding and substracting, to formatting. Time Traveller only extends date objects that it creates, without polluting the global namespace.
  • untokenize A very, very simple template engine for simple uses.
  • who-are-you A connect middleware to provide private-public key authentication.

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