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"Distro-redis" the Redis transport for Distro

Build Status


0.1.0 Initial release

What's distro?

The distro module is intended to simplify the way services communicate with each other. It abstracts several different transports while providing a consistent interface. It also specifies a message format and comes with some helper factories to create and parse those messages.

It comes with some pre-packaged trasports for udp4 and udp6, tcp and redis (using pub-sub). You can easily create your own transports as plug-ins (more details below). Note that there is not inter-operability between transports. Both clients and servers have to use the same transport to be able to talk to each other.


Simple do npm install distro distro-redis


Pass the distro-redis module to distro when creating a new server or client

var distro = require('distro');
var redis = require('distro-redis');

var factory = distro.create(redis);

For up to date documentation on distro please visit the distro repository Distro