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    A node library to consume some providers of oEmbed.

    At the moment it only supports YouTube and Vimeo but you can easily extend it to work with others via custom providers.


    var oembed = require('oembed-node').init();
    oembed.get({url: ""}, getVideo);
    function getVideo(err, result) {

    The result will be a literal object with the properties returned by the provider. The library adds a video_url property to the object.

    Custom providers

    The init method of the library takes a literal object that's a map from host names to functions. Each of those functions is the handler that will return a proper oEmbed end point.

    For example a custom provider for vimeo would be like this:

    var customProviders = {
      "" : {
        init: function (urlStr) {
          return {
            getUrls: function () {
              return {
                embed: "" + urlStr,
                video: urlStr

    And you can pass it to the init function of the module.

    var oembed = require('oembed-node').init(customProviders);

    You can use the same handler for multiple host names, just associate it to other keys in the hash.


    0.4.0 - Removed support for Revision3 (their oEmbed enpoint is not working) Fixed error handler for request module. Fixed error when trying to read urls.

    0.3.0 - Fixed bug on custom providers to actually call init thanks to [PR #6] ( (Originally reported on [PR #1] ( but build was broken) Removed support for thanks to PR #6 (Originally reported on PR #4 but build was broken) Added support for thanks to PR #3

    0.2.0 - Fixed a bug supporting YouTube with multi query parameters Added support for Added support for Revision3 Added support for yFrog

    0.1.0 - Initial release support for Vimeo and YouTube


    Thanks to PR from aulizko and finder-dp-lewis pushed me to update the library and release v0.3.0


    npm i oembed-node

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